German Language in Coimbatore


A German course at Sam's Lingua Centre offers fully tailored courses to your needs. Furthermore, your training is completely individual. You work on the skills which are important to you, practising conversations with your trainers which mirror those you (would) have in real life. Whatever your goal may be, a German course at Language Institute Sam's Lingua Centre will give you precisely the skills you need.

German Language in Coimbatore

Your German course is an individually-tailored program. It is based on your goals, skills, what you need it for, your preferred learning style(s), the desired intensity of the program, and any other wishes. Your program can be a combination of personalised classroom sessions, independent study, multimedia exercises, and practical assignments.

Personalised classroom sessions

While with us, you have personalised classroom sessions with our tutors. They work on things such as your pronunciation, enriching your vocabulary and improving your grammar, and do role plays and give you tips for writing correctly and convincingly.

Multimedia programme

During your German course, you have access to multimedia resources . Here you can practise grammar on your own as well as do speaking exercises and compare your answers and pronunciation to that of native speakers.

Practical assignments

Work on one of your own presentations, sales pitches, or documents that you (can) use in real life.

Independent study

You have time to study and process new information in your independent study hours.

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